ホーム / Q&A

Do you have parking areas?

We do not have our own parking areas, so please use coin parking areas nearby. Parking your car in our property is forbidden.

Can I leave my luggage before check-in / after check-out?

We can keep your luggage (except for stuff required to be kept frozen and refrigerated) until the date of your check-out.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking in our hotel is forbidden, so please smoke in designated smoking areas on the ground floor and 7th floor, otherwise we ask those who do not follow an above rule to pay ¥20,000 for the cleaning.

Can those who have not made a reservation enter guest rooms?

Only those who have made a reservation can enter their rooms, so please meet them in the lobby.

Is massage service available?

No, it is not. Only those who have made a reservation can enter their rooms.

Can I order food delivery to my room?

You can order food delivery. However, please make sure you get them in not your room but the lobby. We can not receive and keep them at the reception.

Can I watch something like YouTube via TVs in my room?

No, you can not. You can watch only normal broadcasting.

What kind of facilities and toiletries do you have?

It is as follows. Free bottled water・toothbrush・hand towel・bath towel・bath mat・ instant coffee / Japanese tea ・Shampoo・Hair conditioner・Body wash・Liquid soap・Slippers・Electric kettle・Cup・Hair dryer・Air conditioner Please feel free to take combs, shavers and other toiletries from the ground floor.

Do you have rental items?

It is as follows. Blanket・Hair straightener・Smartphone charger・Nail clipper・Playing cards・Clothes iron・Ironing board・Aroma oil burner・Alarm clock・Bathrobe・Ice bucket Please feel free to tell the reception if you want.(※Please check in advance because they are limited in number.)

What kind of payment methods is available?

It is as follows. Cash・Credit card・PayPay・Electronic money・Prepaid IC card for public transportation only in Japan・Rakuten Edy・WAON・nanaco

Is the Wi-Fi available?

You can use the Wi-Fi in our hotel including all rooms and the lobby for free. We tell you the password when you check-in.

Is there a large public bath in your hotel?

No, there is not.

Can only children stay your hotel?

We require to submit a consent form signed by your parents in that case. Please download it below and please make sure to submit it when you check-in.
※It is required to submit one form per every single children.
Consent form

Is co-sleeping with children available?

Those who are 0 - 11 years old are available for free as long as one child co-sleeps with one adult.